Jeff & Caralyn

Jeff & Caralyn

There is something about a rustic wedding that really makes me wish I were at one every weekend. Rustic weddings are filled with textures, natural patterns and other characteristic details like wooden antique wagons, tractors, tall grass, and long dirt roads.

This was a true DIY wedding. The bride and groom spent months cleaning up this old barn that is not typically a wedding venue and is used to store a friend’s antiques and tractors.

When I first went to see this property in early April, the land and barn clearly had some potential and this couple seriously had a vision and worked hard to turn it into the most perfect place for this special day.

So, maybe the lights went out a few times because the circuit panel wasn’t design to handle dozens of lights along with a top notch DJ, but it didn’t stop this couple and their guests from celebrating. Seriously though…not a person was standing still at this wedding from the moment the music got turned up.

They also had a VW bug as a wedding cake. How cool is that?

Many thanks to everyone that made this day so successful and I want to give a very special thanks to an incredible wedding planner, Wendy Lawrence with Fine Affairs. She’s a joy to work with and very accommodating and creative!

Thank you Jeff & Caralyn for having me and I can’t wait to share more photos with you!

Wedding Coordinator: Wendy Lawrence with Fine Affairs
DJ – DJ Truemastr
Flowers – Balet Flowers & Design
Catering – Birch Hill Catering
Bride’s Dress – Something Bleu
Bridesmaids and Groomsmen – JCrew

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Laura & Dave – 10.19.13


Laura & Dave – 10.19.13


Location: The Mansion Inn of Saratoga – Rock City Falls, NY
Bride and Bridesmaid dresses: Lily Saratoga
Make-up: Erin Marzilli
Hair: Hair Creations
Flowers: Meme’s Florist
Carved pumpkins and fall flowers: Sunnyside Gardens
Entertainment: Piano Man’s DJ Productions
Caterer: Chef Rick and team, The Mansion Inn of Saratoga
Officiant: Victoria Milne
Videographer: Red Cape Dream

After an engagement session a few months ago at Battlefield Nation Park in Saratoga where Laura, Dave and I walked 5 miles to find the most perfect sunset photo location, I honestly was worried that Laura and Dave were going to ask me to tear up the contract. We ended up having to walk 5 miles back in total darkness and only iPhone flashlights. Well I’m glad that’s not the route they went because I love a fall wedding and I love being the photographer for fun couples. Laura & Dave made this day memorable for sure. If I had to choose one word that described their wedding day, I would have to pick RELAXED!….my second word would be YUM! They really did have some of the best finger food and the dinner menu was out of this world. Sliders, shoe string fries, sushi, wontons, springs rolls, and more. So many cool little creative details which I thought were very tastefully done and also really reflected their character and personality. Oh yeah…and let’s not forgot the late night warm cookies and milk. What a way to end the night. Thanks again for having me as your photographer!

Link to full wedding gallery.

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Meg + Dave Engagement Session


Location: Historic Barns of Nipmoose – Buskirk, NY

I have heard so much about these Historic Barns of Nipmoose from other photography friends and have been waiting for the perfect time to make a visit to them. The ride out only took about 40 minutes and the forecast had a 30% chance of scattered rain shows. The 30% chance this year has seemed more like a 100% chance. The skies actually opened up on us so quickly and the rain drops were about the size of jellybeans. I was feeling pretty bad for Dave at one point because he had to run out into the pouring rain to get Charlie (the most awesome yellow lab), however I then realized that I left my car windows and sunroof open and I had to run about double the distance. I should have worn my swimsuit. The rest of this story is that I started the car with my remote starter and didn’t realize it and left it running for the next 2 hours while we covered every square inch of this amazing restored farm. Thank you to Meg + Dave for making the drive and being so fun and relaxed. I still can’t believe your big day is only a little over a month away. I can’t wait for the next barn photo session on September 28th at Burlap and Beams!


Alison & Jonathan – 5.18.2013

What a way to kick off the start of this year with Alison & Jonathan’s BIG (200+ guests) wedding! These two elementary school sweethearts who met at the early age of 10 are truly a perfect match. Alison’s first memory of Jonathan was when they were partners in a Portuguese march and she was trying to impress him with her favorite green overalls (which I imagine looked like these). Well the Portuguese march turned into an amazing Portuguese wedding filled with wonderful memories and lots of dancing (unbelievably crazy fast dancing thanks to DJ Brad Bezzati). Alison traded her green overalls in for a beautiful wedding dress from Pronuptia Bridal in Worcester, MA. The flowers were prepared by A Belvidere Florist. Bridesmaids dresses compliments of Bride n Belle.

There was so much joy on this wedding day and I had an amazing time at your wedding Alison & Jonathan. Thanks again!

Quote worth mentioning!

“You were absolutely amazing. We loved how you caught all the right moments and made it such a fun experience for us. All the way from the engagement pictures to the wedding. I loved that you got down and dirty at the engagement shoot to get the right shot and we also enjoyed the off-roading in the golf carts at the wedding haha…. You made the picture taking part fun and it didn’t feel like something we had to do.”

For now here’s a few of my favorites!


And how about a mini tux for Tigger 🙂



How awesome does Alison and her sister Christina Rebelo look!


What an amazing and very beautiful classic church – St. Patrick’s Church in Lowell, MA


You can just feel the fun and laughter with this one.


We nailed that evening sunset! Google the word “sunset” at anytime to know where and when for the current day!


And to end the night with one of my favorite photos!A&J_34