Jeff & Caralyn

Jeff & Caralyn

There is something about a rustic wedding that really makes me wish I were at one every weekend. Rustic weddings are filled with textures, natural patterns and other characteristic details like wooden antique wagons, tractors, tall grass, and long dirt roads.

This was a true DIY wedding. The bride and groom spent months cleaning up this old barn that is not typically a wedding venue and is used to store a friend’s antiques and tractors.

When I first went to see this property in early April, the land and barn clearly had some potential and this couple seriously had a vision and worked hard to turn it into the most perfect place for this special day.

So, maybe the lights went out a few times because the circuit panel wasn’t design to handle dozens of lights along with a top notch DJ, but it didn’t stop this couple and their guests from celebrating. Seriously though…not a person was standing still at this wedding from the moment the music got turned up.

They also had a VW bug as a wedding cake. How cool is that?

Many thanks to everyone that made this day so successful and I want to give a very special thanks to an incredible wedding planner, Wendy Lawrence with Fine Affairs. She’s a joy to work with and very accommodating and creative!

Thank you Jeff & Caralyn for having me and I can’t wait to share more photos with you!

Wedding Coordinator: Wendy Lawrence with Fine Affairs
DJ – DJ Truemastr
Flowers – Balet Flowers & Design
Catering – Birch Hill Catering
Bride’s Dress – Something Bleu
Bridesmaids and Groomsmen – JCrew

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Catie & Wes – Hall of Springs

So this was my last wedding of the year. November 13th – Catie & Wes. Has it really already been a month?  It seemed like only yesterday when I heard the news that I would be the official photographer for the wedding of Catie & Wes at the Hall of Springs. It also only seemed like a few months ago when we completed the Saratoga engagement session and the Boston engagement session. Well first, again, I need to thank Catie’s aunt Pauline Kolach for making this possible and giving me the referral. Now let’s get right down to action here. I absolutely love this couple. Catie is the kindest and sweetest girl eva! Wes is pretty awesome too but a little shy in front of the camera but he was a total sport about two engagement sessions and taking lots of orders from someone half his height all day.   Well all my fingers and toes where crossed for perfect weather and my wish was granted.  There were still many trees with the fall foliage, an amazing blue sky, and pretty warm for a mid November day. So let’s just say, this wedding was nothing but amazing. Entertainment for the evening was the New York Players!!!  For many of the local big shot photogs this is an every other weekend occurrence. Well this is wedding number one for me with the players at it and I am honored and it helped me close out the year with a bang. Thank you so much Catie & Wes. I enjoyed every minute of the day and would do it again in a heartbeat. Now, without further ado, I present to you a small collection of photos from this amazing day – DR

Genevieve + Rui

So when I got the call from Genevieve and Rui with the request to photograph their wedding,…. and it happened to land on the same day as my son’s 3rd birthday – well I had to throw out a little special extra request. For me to consider missing my first son’s birthday and a Huletts Landing 4th of July weekend, this wedding would need to be top notch. Add in a trash the dress session and it’s a deal!!!

Well the day was nothing but top notch and nonstop fun and entertainment. Both love to party and both are 100% Portuguese, so throwing a party was what they were born to do.  So I made the drive out to Massachusetts Friday after my full time job, all day wedding on Saturday, woke up early Sunday morning for an awesome trash the dress session, then drove 4 hours to Huletts Landing to be with the ones I love, and at the best place in the world, to celebrate Collin’s 3rd bday. So I know where the weekend went but where the hell has the time gone.

Well here are some of my favorite pics from the beginning of the summer. I honestly thought I’d have these already posted to a blog, along with my other amazing weddings this year, but with now two boys (Luke is 6 months old!), and a full time gig (can’t beat the health insurance options and the 401K deal), I’m now taking the down time to get some posts added to the site.

Enjoy the pics, and please please please, if you can share them with anyone you know getting married, I’d greatly appreciate it. 2012 has some amazing weddings lined up but I could use a few more!

2011 Enchanted Wedding Bridal Show

To go or not to go? Should I setup at The 2011 Enchanted Wedding Bridal Expo?

Well I did and it was awesome. After relocating to the Saratoga area, building a new network of clients and drumming up some word-of-mouth business needs a little nudge.

I’m a big advocate of viral marketing, (I’m also known for being a chatter box and social butterfly) and I think it’s natural to want to share a great experience and tell the world about how much of a great deal you’ve found. Referrals is the name of the game in photography and almost any other freelance field. These days, just about all of my clients come to me through referrals. Here’s how it happens: Word of Mouth.

So why go to a wedding show? Isn’t it all about the referrals? Well I’m still not totally sold on wedding shows because they do cost a pretty penny to attend. Printed samples, collateral, and exhibiting fees can add up very quickly. Simply showing up at your exhibiting space will not make you successful at the show. Seriously! Just because you rent the space does not mean that the investment will pay for itself.

“So how’d the show turn out?” – Well, Pete and Doe, told me they were getting married at Longfellows and I had five minutes to sell myself. So some couples I didn’t chat with for very long but others lasted much more than five minutes and some even came back a few times for more questions. For the most part, I had a blast. The new Saratoga City Center is amazing. Nice tall ceilings, plenty of space, and awesome lighting. Not to mention, Saratoga Today did an amazing job at marketing the event. The turn out was amazing. I had a good time catching up with my friend Kevin Griswold, from Shoreline Cruises, who hopefully next year will display some nice samples from my wedding on the Adirondac. I also got to meet a lot of the other vendors which I can add to my wedding network. Over all, I think the show was a success. No additional weddings added to the calendar yet but I feel confident that a few will be added for this year and maybe even a couple for 2012.

Thanks Saratoga Today.