This is my first rangefinder. A Fuji GS645.

IMG_3647One of the biggest reasons to shoot film nowadays is medium format, an option that yields gorgeous results but whose digital counterpart is wildly expensive. It’s well known that medium format offers an increase in resolution and print size, but there are other advantages that make it a unique tool in a photographer’s repertoire.

The biggest advantage to shooting medium format is the outright size. With 3-4 times the surface of a 35mm frame, medium format (which actually comprises a number of possible sizes) can be enlarged significantly without losing quality. Artists often make use of the size for huge prints that look good on gallery walls.

Why Medium Format Is So Gorgeous (It's About More Than Resolution)

The primary reason I’ve decided to add a medium format camera to my camera bag is because the cost of each click is between $2-$4. That’s right..each time I press the shutter. You’re probably thinking, “wow..that’s a lot of money”. And you’re right. However knowing just how expensive it is I focus on slowing down a bit and spend some extra time dialing in my settings. I know at each wedding I’m only going to take around half a dozen photos with this camera but the idea of knowing that it’s that much more important to get that most perfect photo is a test of my skills and will hopefully help me remain focused on the fundamentals of photography, lighting, and subject mater.