Family & kids

Family & Kids



As a father of two, it is my joy and my passion to photograph children. I love their natural curiosity and spontaneity. Capturing these qualities in photographs is what makes my job so rewarding. Whether it’s a silly giggle or a thoughtful stare, I want to catch them being themselves. Time passes so quickly and before we know it, our babies have grown on to the next stage. I want to give you a lasting memory of your child, by catching true moments in time. My approach is fun and relaxed, so I can capture your child being just who they are.


Your portrait session typically lasts 2-3 hours and can be at at your home or at a local out door park. I don’t currently own a studio but I hope to in the future 🙂 I love the process of interacting with your children and also acting like a child myself so they will relax and their true personality will show. The final collection will be around 50 photos and the images will be uploaded to and will be password protected.

Session fee: *200


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