Meg + Dave

Location: Historic Barns of Nipmoose – Buskirk, NY

I have heard so much about these Historic Barns of Nipmoose from other photography friends and have been waiting for the perfect time to make a visit to them. The ride out only took about 40 minutes and the forecast had a 30% chance of scattered rain shows. The 30% chance this year has seemed more like a 100% chance. The skies actually opened up on us so quickly and the rain drops were about the size of jellybeans. I was feeling pretty bad for Dave at one point because he had to run out into the pouring rain to get Charlie (the most awesome yellow lab), however I then realized that I left my car windows and sunroof open and I had to run about double the distance. I should have worn my swimsuit. The rest of this story is that I started the car with my remote starter and didn’t realize it and left it running for the next 2 hours while we covered every square inch of this amazing restored farm. Thank you to Meg + Dave for making the drive and being so fun and relaxed. I still can’t believe your big day is only a little over a month away. I can’t wait for the next barn photo session on September 28th at Burlap and Beams!


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