Jeff & Caralyn

Jeff & Caralyn

There is something about a rustic wedding that really makes me wish I were at one every weekend. Rustic weddings are filled with textures, natural patterns and other characteristic details like wooden antique wagons, tractors, tall grass, and long dirt roads.

This was a true DIY wedding. The bride and groom spent months cleaning up this old barn that is not typically a wedding venue and is used to store a friend’s antiques and tractors.

When I first went to see this property in early April, the land and barn clearly had some potential and this couple seriously had a vision and worked hard to turn it into the most perfect place for this special day.

So, maybe the lights went out a few times because the circuit panel wasn’t design to handle dozens of lights along with a top notch DJ, but it didn’t stop this couple and their guests from celebrating. Seriously though…not a person was standing still at this wedding from the moment the music got turned up.

They also had a VW bug as a wedding cake. How cool is that?

Many thanks to everyone that made this day so successful and I want to give a very special thanks to an incredible wedding planner, Wendy Lawrence with Fine Affairs. She’s a joy to work with and very accommodating and creative!

Thank you Jeff & Caralyn for having me and I can’t wait to share more photos with you!

Wedding Coordinator: Wendy Lawrence with Fine Affairs
DJ – DJ Truemastr
Flowers – Balet Flowers & Design
Catering – Birch Hill Catering
Bride’s Dress – Something Bleu
Bridesmaids and Groomsmen – JCrew

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Savannah & Chris

Savannah & Chris

Reception: Burlap & Beams
Food/catering:  Deliciously Different | Flowers: Rebecca’s Florist | Decorations: Bride | Music: Saratoga Surround Sound  | Cake/cupcakes : Cake Placid | Make up: Cindy (don’t know last name..she is amazing) | Hair: Couture Salon & Spa-Tique

As you can tell from some of the photos from Savannah and Chris’s wedding day, they had some amazing weather…and some not so amazing weather. The day however still was perfect and thanks to some seriously talented vendors, things went as planned despite some set backs from fast moving rain clouds.

I’d like to also give a big shout out to a two close colleagues and friends for joining me on the day of to help capture video of the day. This is one of two weddings that I have this year which I’m working in conjunction with Nabeel John & Greg Robinson to offer videography as a service and package together with wedding day photography! Thank you Nabeel and Greg and you both are amazing and fun to work with!

Thank you Savannah and Chris for having me as part of your very special day and congrats again!!

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Alicia & Josh – Takk House Wedding

Alicia & Josh – Takk House Wedding

Reception Site: Takk House

Bridesmaid dresses: Fancy Schmancy | Catering: Nicole’s Catering | Coordination: Stacey Warrings | Event Rentals: Total Events | Floral Design: Stage Coach Florists | Gown: White by Vera Wang at David’s Bridal | Hair: Canvas Hair Salon | Jewelry: Lola Boutique | Makeup: Cristel Rivera | Papergoods: Julia Yates | Suits: Calvin Klein via Boscovs

Alicia & Josh tied the knot at the Takk House in Troy, where their day-of design took flight in the minimalistic venue & their spirited creativity.
The Day: With the building’s “blank canvas,” the couple used their love as their palette–the bride donned a blushing pink gown, looking effortlessly lovely and oh-so unique. A surprising pop of blue helped kick off their union, while bold pink, fuschia and red petals were perfect, feminine touches to complement the new Mrs.’ stunning day-of ensemble. Historic architecture and original, detailed accents within the venue crafted the ultimate aura for their bespoke vows to come to life.

“Don’t allow that best-most-perfect-day-ever pressure to overwhelm you. Make lists. Use them, and consider hiring a wedding coordinator if you’re not blessed with amazing wedding coordinator and event planning friends (I had three).” – Alicia

AJ_01AJ_10AJ_07 AJ_03AJ_02AJ_09AJ_11AJ_08 AJ_06 AJ_04
AJ_14AJ_15AJ_05AJ_16AJ_17AJ_18AJ_12AJ_25AJ_24  AJ_23 AJ_22 AJ_21 AJ_19AJ_26AJ_28AJ_29My first attempt at setting up an unmanned self enclosed photo booth!

Check out my new photo booth page and blog by Alicia about building a DIY photo booth backdrop.