Nicole & Dan – Utica Engagement Session

IMG_1105August and September has gone by so fast, and as usual, I feel like my blogging has also dropped because of a very busy few months. This engagement session fell on the first weekend in August and it was an amazing weekend of many firsts for me. It was my first time having a wedding out in the Finger Lakes Region at Ventosa Vineyard (blog soon to come also) and it was also my first time in Utica for a fun engagement photo session.

I had a few hours to myself beforemeeting with Nicole & Dan, so I had to find a fun way to burn a few hours. I googled “What to do in Utica” and got a lot of great hits but the number one activity was all about beer so I had to jump on that. I decided to take a tour of the second oldest brewery in the country. I highly recommend that if you stop in Utica, spend the $5 for the tour of the old Utica Club Brewery (now Saranac Brewery).

1187018991_8e0a26f2e8Me_in_uticaAfter a few beers, I then spent the next few hours with Nicole and Dan walking around downtown Utica and we found some pretty amazing spots for exciting engagement photos. Our first stop was at Union Station which is now 100 years old, and as you can see in the photos, it’s also an amazing work of art. After that we found this amazing mural that had some unique textures at colors.

I had a great first time visit to Utica and I look forward to being back and I’m also very excited for Nicole & Dan’s wedding next month (10.24.2015). See you both very soon!            IMG_1108 IMG_1173 IMG_1172 IMG_1163 IMG_1137 IMG_1127 IMG_1180 IMG_1182IMG_1226 IMG_1229IMG_1428 IMG_1426 IMG_1418 IMG_1393IMG_1335 IMG_1332 IMG_1327 IMG_1315 IMG_1307 IMG_1297 IMG_1265