Macro party (continued)!

Yesterday I did a comparison of the Canon 500d Close-up Lens to the Canon 100mm f/2.8 L IS USM.

After the blog was up, later in the day I got this text from a photo buddy.


Well I want to thank Greg for the challenge and my excuse for not taking some rings shots is because I didn’t have a diamond ring available since my wife was out at birthday party.

No excuses now so here it is.

The 100mm wins again. I couldn’t even get a shot that I was happy with when using the 500d Close-up Lens on the 700-200. Even with the image stabilization on. Therefore, I don’t have a photo to share when using the 500d. I challenge you to a test Mr. Robinson. Stop over and take some of this gear and have at it 🙂

I was then curious to know how the 100mm would compare to the iPhone 6. Wow..the iPhone 6 is pretty awesome and I’d take that over using the 500d. I still prefer the quality of the photos from the 100mm and it’s actually about the same prices as the iPhone 6.

Here are the results:

Macro_06_iphone Macro_06


The one I like the most from the 100mm.




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