Rachael & Dan – 5.3.2014

I know Dan & Rachael have been waiting very patiently for this blog.  I am so excited for them to share these photos with their family and friends.

Here’s the quick skinny on how I contributed to getting Dan & Rachael hitched. Freshman year at Uconn I met my roommate, Cris. Cris graduates from Uconn and calls me up and says he’s interviewing in Boston and asks to stay at my house. Cris soon moves to Boston. I introduce Cris to Kate who is one of my best friends from high school. Cris and Kate get married! Kate works at a school as a teacher with Rachael. Kate introduces Dan to one of her single (and really awesome) coworkers, Rachael. Rachael was paid a few thousand to go on a date with Dan. So I feel partially responsible for helping to match these two up.

Here’s a bit about Dan & Rachael. Dan is one of the best lake friends anyone could ever ask for and it was an absolute honor to be the photographer for his big wedding day. Over 5 years ago, I spent an entire week driving around in a rented RV in Arizona with Dan, Dan’s Dad, Dan’s brother Cris, and several other very close friends. Well, it was on that trip that I got to spend the most amount of time I’ve ever spent with this absolute animal. And from that trip I realized that Dan was not just my best friend’s brother, but he’s also a brother to me. Not long after that trip, Dan & Rachael started dating. Rachael is one of the nicest and kindest people one could ever meet.

Congrats Dan & Rachael and I wish you both many years of great memories!

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