Tina & Mitch – National Museum of Dance

TINA + MITCH  : 9.29.2012

I think anyone that knows Tina and Mitch would say that the two of them go together like peanut butter and jelly. All in attendance at their wedding on September 29th, would also agree that the day could not have been any more perfect.  The ceremony took place at Christ the Savior Church.  It included a lot of Orthodox traditions, including Tina and Mitch exchanging their rings at the very beginning of the ceremony and then the best man and maid of honor held wedding crowns over Tina and Mitch for the remainder of the ceremony (yes..a very long time to hold your arm over your head with what appeared to be a 10lb gold crown). Following the ceremony, the newly weds and their wedding party (along with myself!) had a trolly ride from the church to downtown Saratoga.  I kind of wanted to just keep riding around on the trolly because it was a pretty rock’n good time. Lots of drinks and cheer, and this one crazy aunt with a bottle of Dr. McGillicuddy’s! And as soon as that trolly emptied out at the Hall of Springs – Avenue of The Pines, and the bottle of Dr. McGillicuddy’s was finished, it was time for some fun wedding pics. I really have to give a big big big thank you to Tina & Mitch for budgeting close to 2 hours for group photos!!!!!! There are always so many amazing photo opportunities and ideas running through my head, so I was truly in my glory.  We were also incredibly lucky because not more than five minutes after our last group photo, it began to rain. We then moved into the National Museum of Dance for introductions, toasts, appetizers, and some amazing food. Tina and Mitch had coordinated for a mashed potato bar, which was followed by an ice cream sundae bar! I’m hoping Tina and Mitch will be having another party really soon with the same potato bar and desserts 🙂

Once again, thank you so much Tina & Mitch for having me and I give your wedding day 5 stars!

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