Genevieve Henel & Justin Ermiger

So it’s been a while since I’ve blogged and I feel very very bad about that. I’ve come to realize that blogging isn’t my best talent. If there’s anyone out there that needs to hire someone to just post and write blogs it’s me. Maybe someday down the road I can work on that.

So I have two engagement blogs that I’ve been meaning to post that I plan on getting to this week. Following this blog will be one for the engagement pics of Kristina & Mitch! Be sure to check back to see more of those pics soon.

Genevieve and Justin are in the spot light at this moment and boy was it great to hang out with this fun couple for 3 hours. The engagement session started in The Village of Lake George and then we moved a little north to Justin’s family lake house. Along the way, we stopped for some Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and for a little skee-ball. The first half of the session in the village was a lot of fun but I really was looking forward to heading to the lake house to see what we had in store for the second half. After pulling up to the house I knew it would not be difficult to find some amazing spots for more pics. I think Justin’s family has one of the top 25 best spots on the lake. I hope to get invited to some of the summer parties 😉 I do know, however, that I have an invite to this couples biggest party ever which will be at The Inn at Erlowest! Now how about those pics –

I want a boat house like this one 😉

Try not to focus too much on the house now.

As I said…one of the nicest locations on the lake!


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