2011 Enchanted Wedding Bridal Show

To go or not to go? Should I setup at The 2011 Enchanted Wedding Bridal Expo?

Well I did and it was awesome. After relocating to the Saratoga area, building a new network of clients and drumming up some word-of-mouth business needs a little nudge.

I’m a big advocate of viral marketing, (I’m also known for being a chatter box and social butterfly) and I think it’s natural to want to share a great experience and tell the world about how much of a great deal you’ve found. Referrals is the name of the game in photography and almost any other freelance field. These days, just about all of my clients come to me through referrals. Here’s how it happens: Word of Mouth.

So why go to a wedding show? Isn’t it all about the referrals? Well I’m still not totally sold on wedding shows because they do cost a pretty penny to attend. Printed samples, collateral, and exhibiting fees can add up very quickly. Simply showing up at your exhibiting space will not make you successful at the show. Seriously! Just because you rent the space does not mean that the investment will pay for itself.

“So how’d the show turn out?” – Well, Pete and Doe, told me they were getting married at Longfellows and I had five minutes to sell myself. So some couples I didn’t chat with for very long but others lasted much more than five minutes and some even came back a few times for more questions. For the most part, I had a blast. The new Saratoga City Center is amazing. Nice tall ceilings, plenty of space, and awesome lighting. Not to mention, Saratoga Today did an amazing job at marketing the event. The turn out was amazing. I had a good time catching up with my friend Kevin Griswold, from Shoreline Cruises, who hopefully next year will display some nice samples from my wedding on the Adirondac. I also got to meet a lot of the other vendors which I can add to my wedding network. Over all, I think the show was a success. No additional weddings added to the calendar yet but I feel confident that a few will be added for this year and maybe even a couple for 2012.

Thanks Saratoga Today.

One thought on “2011 Enchanted Wedding Bridal Show

  1. WOW – what an awesome post!
    As the “event coordinator” it’s very easy to miss the forest for the trees, because you’re dealing with all the “issues” that pop up, but reading your words make it all worth while.
    Thanks again …and all of YOU doing a wonderful job with your booth presentation & conversation is what makes this so enjoyable and such a beautiful event – all the brides really seemed to enjoy themselves.
    Thanks again, I wish you many wedding bookings 🙂
    Chris Bushee

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